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1. Harmonic & Melodic content


1.1.1. link

1.2. 95 beats per minute

1.3. B key

1.4. 4/4

1.5. Chord progressions

1.5.1. D#m B Dm F# A Em Fm

1.6. Melodic Content

1.6.1. The lead melody is mostly held by MF DOOM's voice as the majority of hip-hop songs go however the most prominent instrumental melody is led by the sample.

1.6.2. The melody is upbeat and catchy

1.6.3. This is due to the main instruments of the song: Strings Flute Drums

1.6.4. MF DOOM continues to switch up the way in which he delivers his lyrics throughout the song to make it more interesting for the listener.

1.6.5. The song continues at the same speed for the majority of the song however the end speeds up following DOOM's fast flow.


3. The Song

4. Texture & Timbre

4.1. The song is composed using these instruments:

4.2. Drums

4.3. Strings

4.3.1. Quartet & Guitar

4.4. Bass

4.4.1. Guitar & Clarinet

4.5. Flute

4.6. Piano

4.7. Many of these instrument sounds were sampled.

4.8. The texture of the song is quite thick as there are many instruments and sounds being played at the same time in the instrumental.

4.8.1. The overlapping instruments adds to the depth of the sound

4.8.2. Its also very smooth because the sounds sampled are from jazz music. There are lots of strings and woodwind.

4.9. The track takes homophonic melodies such as the string quartet and adds many other instruments melodies along with the vocals to get a polyphonic song.

5. Samples

5.1. The song takes two samples. The first is played at the beginning and end of the track to introduce the theme and remind you what the song was about

5.1.1. Aqua teen hunger force is an animated program. This highlights the sillyness of DOOM's lyrics and makes it feel more immature and fun. ITs not a serious song. This is a very prevalent theme in much of his music. DOOM seems to be quite animated himself.

5.2. The second sample is multiple cuts from an old record that is used to produce the instrumental and is used throughout.

5.2.1. Don Harper was an Australian composer who mostly focused on jazz music. This sample is from a 1971 record Chamber pop. There are many instruments in the sample including: Violin, Guitar, Bass Guitar, String quartet, Drums, Clarinet, Flute and woodwind instruments. I think this sample has had an EQ or high pass filter applied to it.

6. Lyrics

6.1. DOOM uses to complex rhymes schemes, wordplay and abstract references to cover a variety of broad topics including those found in most hip-hop music.

6.2. Money

6.2.1. "Came to take the cake whether its a lot or a little"

6.3. Sex

6.3.1. "Only got confronted by the beast with two backs"

6.4. Being great

6.4.1. "His technique was from a divine source"

6.5. He also includes many references to his islamic upbringing and following that through life with not wearing bling or eating pork.

6.5.1. "Never knew the price of ice or what swine cost"

6.6. And the fact he wears a mask

6.6.1. "That was back when the mask was brand spanking new"

6.6.2. "DOOM a human in the mask"

6.7. However the song is littered with random references

6.7.1. "23 skidoo" - 1920's phrase meaning leave

6.7.2. "Psycho like the old Bates Motel" - referencing the movie psycho and its setting.

6.7.3. "Cocaine and Rogaine" - Romaine being a cream for men to stimulate hair growth

7. I chose this song because I've enjoyed listening to it ever since i first heard it. Its funny, upbeat and covers many topics that aren't too heavy hitting. The samples from Aqua Teen Hunger Force are so silly they don't seem to fit in a rap song and it makes me laugh every time.

7.1. The sample from Don Harper however is very interesting and is used very well to produce a busy instrumental i never get old of. I think Dangermouse the producer did an excellent job with the samples making an upbeat jazzy instrumental and it makes it pleasant to hear over and over.

7.2. The song is quite random and all over the place with DOOM not even giving a hook just laying down one long verse before you're sucked back into the bad joke that is the song, as the sample plays for the final time at the end.

7.3. This one long verse that speeds up toward the end makes it feel as though DOOM is racing to the punchline at the end so he can finish his joke, however the real jokes lie between his complex bars.