Jackson Pollock

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Jackson Pollock by Mind Map: Jackson Pollock

1. Born in Cody, Wyoming

2. Died August 11, 1956

3. Number 5

3.1. Probably Pollock's best known work, this is from his drip painting era, where he splattered paint and essentially created this kind of painting and made it go mainstream.

4. Painting Process

5. Abstract Expressionist

6. Public opinion of Pollock's Art

6.1. Criticism and praise of Pollock's art is often leveled in one or two ways. A common criticism is that his art does not mean anything specifically. This can also be high praise for his art, considering what he was going for. Opinions on Pollock's art remain highly divisive to this day, just check the comment section of the video below.

6.2. Many critics of Pollock's time described him as "the greatest artist alive."

6.3. Pollock's art can be found in the Museum of Modern art in New York and the Museum of Contemporary art in Los Angeles.

7. My opinion of his art

7.1. Jackson Pollock is easily one of my favorite artists. Many people dislike his work because they view it as lazy, but I appreciate the process, and action painting is a very interesting concept.

8. Personality/Personal Life

8.1. Pollock attended many high schools, most of which he was expelled from. A lot of these schools were art charter schools, which explains where he got his start.

8.2. Pollock was an alcoholic, and died in a single-car accident while drunk.

8.3. One of Pollock's more famous quotes is "I am Nature" which I think describes his art perfectly, it has this fractal nature and it is like something you may see looking under your feet in the forest.

9. Born August 11, 1956

10. The She-Wolf

10.1. This is my favorite painting by Pollock. The reason I enjoy it so much is because it really uses your brain's skill at recognizing shapes. The painting, when observed closely, doesn't seem like much, but when you zoom out a bit. You may see teeth, a wolf's head, a body, really anything your brain wants you to see.

11. Mural

11.1. In my opinion, this is the most memorable work of Pollock. If you see it in real life, it is absolutely massive, measuring 8x19 feet. This work also symbolized a change from surrealist abstraction to action painting.

12. Action Painting

12.1. Action painting is more focused on the action and feel of painting itself, rather than the result of careful placement of paint and detail. This term was coined by Harold Rosenberg in 1952. I believe that the true art is the act of painting itself, each brushstroke and dip back into the can. The physical painting is merely a physical manifestation of this.

12.2. Pollock described his art as "motion made visible, memories arrested in space."