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Energy by Mind Map: Energy

1. Different Sources of Energy

1.1. Solar Energy

1.2. Wind Energy

1.3. Wave Energy

1.4. Hydrogen Energy

2. Everyday Examples

2.1. Motion Energy

2.1.1. Car in motion

2.1.2. Flying Plane

2.1.3. Bullet

2.2. Thermal Energy

2.2.1. Boiling water

2.2.2. Coffee/Tea

2.3. Sound Energy

2.3.1. Dog Barking

2.3.2. Shouting

2.3.3. Car Engine

3. Difference Types of Energy

3.1. Potential Energy

3.1.1. Nuclear Energy

3.1.2. Chemical Energy

3.1.3. Gravitational Energy

3.2. Kinetic Energy

3.2.1. Thermal Energy

3.2.2. Radiant Energy

3.2.3. Electric Energy

4. What Is Energy

4.1. Energy: Energy is the ability to do work. Everything in the world posses energy, adn energy is everywhere. There are different types of energy. All these types can be classified in two gorups: Kinectic and Potential. Kinectic energy is energy that is doing work, while Potential energy is stored energy. In addition, every single energy source can also be classified in two groups: Renewable and nonrenewable. Renewable energy that can be used more than once; such as solar energy. Nonrenewable energy, however, can not be used more than once. Some examples of nonrenewable resources would be: Coal, oil, natural gas, etc.

5. By: Zoyesh

6. Additional Fun Facts

6.1. 1. Energy/electricty always tries to find the easiest path to the ground

6.2. 2. The amount of energy used by the U.S doubles every 20 years

6.3. 3. Over 86% of the energy used in U.S is created by fossil fuels

7. Kinetic Energy

7.1. What is it?

7.1.1. Kinetic Energy is the energy an object possess in order to have motion

7.2. Variables/Factors it Depends on

7.2.1. There are two main variables involved in the translation of kinetic energy: speed and mass. If more kinetic energy is applied, then the object will go at a faster rate,

7.3. Relationships With Depending Variables

7.4. Formula For finding kinetic energy

7.4.1. KE= 0.5 * m * v

8. Potential Energy

8.1. What is It

8.1.1. Potential Energy is basically energy that is stored, and can be used at any given time. In addition, the greater the mass of an object, the greater potential energy it has.

8.2. Factors That Effect it

8.2.1. Gravitional Force

8.2.2. Height

8.2.3. Mass of Object

8.3. Formula For Finding It.

8.3.1. PEgrv = m * g * h