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Pre-arrival (online) social networks by Mind Map: Pre-arrival
(online) social
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Pre-arrival (online) social networks

Arrival at airport/border

Pre-Arrival Social Networks Online Social Networks (list of discussion forums on immigration)   Online Information and Resources  

Receives CIC info package

Immediate documents, SIN card application, 5 days to arrange private health insurance, Temporary housing, Family & Friends, Hotel/Motel, Short-term housing, Contact Settlement or newcomer info centre, Initial intake assessment, Newcomer orientation, Info on banking system / establish a bank account, Info on daily life (TTC, phone, shopping), Info on enthno-specific daily life (food, culture, etc), Develop community connections, OHIP waiting period-community health centres, Information and Referral, Register children in school, Immunizations, Daycare, LINC assessment, LINC Classes, ELT Classes, Driver's license, Job Search support, Bridging, Coaching, Mentoring, Credential Assessment, Continuing education, In-depth info on personal finance (small business), Family Resource Programs, Permanent Housing, Form Filling, Apply for CCTB & GST/HST, OHIP (after 3 months), Family Doctor, Interpretation and Translation, Case management, Advocacy, Income support (OW, ODSP), Workers' rights, EI, Newcomer rights and responsibilities, Apply for Canadian Citizenship, Citizenship Classes, Citizenship test, Canadian Citizen