Goals for Academic Career

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Goals for Academic Career by Mind Map: Goals for Academic Career

1. Career Paths

1.1. To become familiar with career options for information professionals within and beyond public libraries and be prepared for professional opportunities

1.1.1. To expand knowledge of management strategies and responsibilities LIS 5023 LIS 5283 LIS 5253 LIS 5033 LIS 5733

1.1.2. To prepare myself to work in a school library in addition to public library To explore the history and role of media centers in the educational program LIS 5283 To understand the components of planning, organizing, and administering library programs in a school setting LIS 5283 LIS 5253 LIS 5183

2. Promotion of Library Services & Materials

2.1. To understand the importance and value of promoting library services

2.1.1. Understand the role librarians play in promoting library materials and services LIS 5253 LIS 5123 LIS 5990 LIS 5733

2.1.2. Learn multiple marketing techniques and strategies to help promote use of the library LIS 5253 LIS 5990 LIS 5123

2.1.3. Understand the importance of handling publicity professionally LIS 5253 LIS 5990 LIS 5023

3. Professional Development & Lifelong Learning

3.1. To identify resources for continued professional development and lifelong learning and actively participate in the professional and information communities

3.1.1. To participate in OLA OLA 2008 OLA 2009 OLA/MPLA 2010

3.1.2. To continue attending MetroUniversity Trainings (Metropolitan Library System trainings) E-Media Playground Prepare Training Reference Tools 3: Electronic Sources

3.1.3. Attend an Encyclo-Media Conference Encyclo-Media 2009 Encyclo-Media 2010

4. Information Provider

4.1. To be confident and capable of providing information products and resources to a multicultural, multiethnic, multilingual, and global society

4.1.1. To become knowledgeable about modern and popular literature LIS 5123 LIS 5183

4.1.2. To acquire more knowledge in collection management LIS 5543

4.1.3. To become more proficient in technological tasks LIS 5990 LIS 5033 LIS 5253

4.1.4. Understanding the diversity of users and their different needs LIS 5053 LIS 5043 LIS 5543