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The Hub by Mind Map: The Hub

1. Bio

1.1. Professional Experience

1.1.1. 2001- 2008: SmileyHanchulak Marketing Communications:Technology Systems Administrator

1.1.2. 1992 - Current: Freelance Technology Consultant

1.2. Personal Interests

1.2.1. Cycling

1.2.2. Model Rairoading

1.2.3. Social Justice/Equity

1.2.4. Chess

1.2.5. Lost

1.3. Personal Bests

1.3.1. XOBA (2003) Cycle trip across Ohio

1.3.2. The day my daughter was born

1.3.3. Helping my Dad record the audio track for his yearly choir drama

2. Content Area

2.1. Mathematics

2.2. Science

3. Educational Philosophy

3.1. This I Believe

3.1.1. Fairness

3.1.2. Excellence

3.1.3. Democratic Classroom Equity Safe Environment

4. Experiences in Education

4.1. Service Learning

4.1.1. Literacy 4th Grade - Seeds of Change ESOL Class at ProjectLearn

4.1.2. Content Area ProjectLearn Gen-Y Classroom GED Classroom

4.1.3. Special Ed Calico

4.2. Volunteering

4.2.1. ProjectLearn GEN-Y Classroom Math Tutoring Small Group Instruction Lead whole class ESOL Tutoring

4.3. Student Organizations

4.3.1. ACES (May 2011 - Present) Position: Officer - Secretary Projects The Dictionary Project

4.4. Professional

4.4.1. Information Technology

4.5. Speaking Engagements

4.5.1. Guest Speaker Leveraging SmartBoard in early Mathematics Education, 14 June 2011

5. References

5.1. Available upon request

6. Bookshelf (A collection of books that I have read that have made an impact upon my view of teaching or the world)

6.1. Education

6.1.1. Letters to a Young Teacher, Johnathan Kozol

6.1.2. Brain Rules, John Medina

6.1.3. The Shallows, Nicholas Carr

6.1.4. Teacher Man, Frank mcCourt

6.2. Personal

6.2.1. The Seven Habits of Highly Effectve People, Steven Covey

6.2.2. First Things First, Steven Covey

6.2.3. Zen and the Art of Motocycle Maintenance, Robert Pirsig

6.2.4. Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Dan Millman

6.2.5. Patience with God, Frank Schaeffer

6.2.6. Ghost Rider, Neil Peart