The codes and conventions of an indie-pop music video.

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The codes and conventions of an indie-pop music video. by Mind Map: The codes and conventions of an indie-pop music video.

1. Setting

1.1. Setting in indie-pop videos would tend to be located in the urban areas of cities where all of the cracks and reality is exposed, whereas the areas where all of the glamour and wealth from the main parts of cities would be used for contemporary R&B and perhaps Pop. Indie-pop would be set in the outskirts of this. Examples of locations would be Downtown LA, sidestreets of Paris, suburban areas of London and its sidewalks.

1.2. locations lke the beach with sunsets and sea would be used as a setting with indie-pop if the song had a 'summer feeling' to it. Also locations with rivers at dusk and forests are commonly used in these type of videos.Similar aspects are shown in 'the xx - I Dare You'

2. What is an Indie-Pop music video?

2.1. Indie-pop is a genre from alternative rock music that originated in the UK around the mid 1980's. It is music that blends unusual or contrasting genres and musical styles together, creating an amalgam that differs radically from the usual pop or bring foreign elements to the genre, typically rock.

2.2. Indie-pop music videos often possess a retro, indie, vintage vibe. Music video's present this by using old retro cars, aesthetc locations like the beach at dusk, the city in the night, long winding roads with bright blue skies, vintage clothing of bright colours from brands like addidas and nike. Examples of where indie pop music videos portray these features are evident in the links attatched to each cateogory.

3. Mis-en-scene

3.1. Costume used in indie pop music videos would be retro, vintage, loose fitted clothing and even though they are vintage they would be considered as fashionable with people who particulary listen to indie pop music today. Using bright colours of clothing also helps to give video's the vivid, eye-catching appeal. Costume changes also help keep the music video's interesting as the audience can look at different styles and visuals rather than the same one throughout which could get boring. For example in Lorde's 'Yellow Flicker Beat' she has a different costume on for each different location.

3.2. Lighting in indie-pop can vary from light to dark, natural to bright, dull to vibrant. It particulary depends on the narrative of the story the video will portray. Usually darker and duller light would be used to resemble the late time of day.

4. Voyeurism

4.1. Voyeurism is not as explicitly apparent within indie-pop than 'normal' pop is. Where voyeurism would be shown if a group of girls were jumping into a pool or running into the sea wearing bathing suits or bikini's. A great amount of kissing is apparent in such music videos however not as much nudity or sexual activity as Pop would usually include. An example of an indie-pop song where frequent amount of kissing happens would be 'Don't Delete the Kisses' by Wolf Alice.

5. Narrative / Audience

5.1. Narratives portrayed in indie pop music videos contain friendships, relationships, being spontanous and adventurous, partying and clubbing. This is due to the fact that the target audience are teenagers and young adults, this is what the majority of people these ages seem to enjoy doing.

6. Cinematography

6.1. Camera shots commonly used in indie-pop would focus a lot on the aesthetic appearance of the setting, location or props as well as to guide the audience to understand the narrative of the story. Long and mid-shots are often used to show a group of people to represent the vast or small sizes of these groups, depending on story.

6.2. Close ups would also be used to portray a significant prop that is prevelant throughout the video or to show emotions from the artist's face, either a big smile of laughter or a slow tear dropping from their cheek, again depending on storyline and ambience.

6.3. Various angles can be used within indie-pop music videos to represent the dominance of character in the video. Which 'characters' as such would hold the highest status using low angle shots, also who would hold the lowest using a high angle shot. A similar variety of these shots an be shown in Angus & Julia Stone's 'Chateau.'

7. Intertextuality

7.1. Intertextuality demostrates one media text (the music video) connecting with another media text (film, tv series, recent news etc) for inspirartion. A well known example of this is 'Fancy' by Iggy Azalea replicates the popular 90's film 'Clueless' in her music video - this contributes to the recognition of her music, this does not happen as often within indie-pop as it does with Pop music.

8. Editing

8.1. The editing in indie-pop, like most genres, mostly depend on the pace of the music and typically with indie pop the music has a steady tempo therefore the cuts are similar throughout. However most indie pop songs have an anti-climax nearer to the end of the song where the pace builds up therefore the editing will work parrallel to this as the cuts will become quicker to match the music.