"Stressed Out" - Twenty One Pilots

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"Stressed Out" - Twenty One Pilots by Mind Map: "Stressed Out" - Twenty One Pilots

1. Top 40 song = not authentic. Tyler Joseph writing all the lyrics to every song= authenic. Which one triumphs?

2. Childhood Nostalgia/False perspective of the world

3. "Millennial Issues"

4. "Blurryface" the character

5. Tyler Joseph is the protagonist of this song as well as the only writer on the album "Blurryface"

5.1. Speaks to earlier idea of "authenticity". What is more authentic than writing an entire album to which only you have written the lyrics?

6. Mental Health

7. Poetic Lyrics

8. Societal Stress

9. Has a wider message but because it was a top 40 song, it was overlooked

10. Represents Tyler Joseph's insecurities/demons

11. Mentions student loans

12. The need to find a job and have a career that will ensure you make enough money

13. He talks about the similarities between his brother and himself specifically

14. Settling for a less than ideal job

15. Tyler's anxiety told through the character "Blurryface"

16. Waking up from childhood dreaming

17. Upbeat music, detached from lyrical content

18. Better understood in the context of the entire album, releasing singles is not something the band focuses heavily on

19. "We" - conveys issues that are not personal but societal

20. Music Video

21. No actors used. Real family members. Authentic?

22. Seems to represent the joy of childhood. They are shown visiting eachothers homes on Big Wheel bikes and drinking caprisuns.

23. "Wake up you need to make money"

24. "I was told when I get older all my fears would shrink But now I'm insecure and I care what people think."

25. Speaks a lot of self-perception. A larger theme expressed throughout the album but can be seen here often.

26. Refers to "they" in reference to people putting pressure on him to make money, not a defined "they"

27. Insecurity with one's self and their place within their own perception and the world at large.

28. Yearns for the past

29. Society as a whole