Crypto Currency

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Crypto Currency by Mind Map: Crypto Currency

1. What is it?

1.1. as a money

1.1.1. definition and history of money bartering with someoune you know & trust stranger? quantity become abstract gold

1.2. as a commodity

1.3. might be used as money laundry & illegal transaction

1.4. is it legal?

2. Similar as Virtual Currency?

2.1. Game currency

3. Bitcoin

3.1. Growing problem

3.1.1. Rise to Altcoin? 1st success Altcoin (litecoin) Ripple want to replace SWIFT Ethereum used as smart contract

3.1.2. Blockchain complexity SegWit as Solution?

4. Blockchain as research tools

4.1. Record keeping system (Singapore Bank - 2015)

4.2. handle contract between diff suplay chain (Spanish Bank - 2015)

5. Energy Crisis

5.1. China already shutdown miner activity

5.2. How about premined coin?

5.2.1. Ripple

5.2.2. IOTA

5.2.3. Stellar

6. How stable as a currency?

7. Exchanging Security

7.1. MT.Gox