The Battle of Gettysburg

This is a concept map created for students within an 8th grade American History class to test their knowledge on the prominent events that occurred within the Battle of Gettysburg.

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The Battle of Gettysburg by Mind Map: The Battle of Gettysburg

1. Name:___________________

2. This is where the first shot of the battle occurred.

3. McPherson's Ridge

4. July 1, 1863

5. July 2, 1863

6. Seminary Ridge

7. Union First Corp. lines begin to break and soldiers retreat through the town of Gettysburg

8. Oak Hill

9. Confederate reinforcements arrive from the north setting up 14 cannons and immediately fire upon Union lines

10. Little Round Top

11. General Daniel Sickles breaks away from the Union battle line and advances soldiers ahead

12. Culp's Hill

13. General Henry Slocum and 10,000 Union soldiers await Confederate soldiers in an evening attack

14. The Wheatfield

15. One of the fiercest fights in the battle leaving 6,000 casualties in only two and a half hours

16. Spangler's Spring

17. The longest sustained action of the battle occurs here

18. General Robert E. Lee attempts to push his soldiers into the Union center in this battle also known as Longstreet's Assault

19. Point of Woods

20. The Angle

21. Pickett's Charge culminates with nearly 274 cannons firing at one another for over two hours

22. July 3, 1863

23. For this assignment you will follow the link to a website that offers virtual tours of the prominent battlefields within the Battle of Gettysburg. Use the information on the website to correctly place the battle with its description as well as under the correct day that it occurred. After you are finished please print-out this assignment to submit it.