A New Nation Shapes Education

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A New Nation Shapes Education by Mind Map: A New Nation Shapes Education

1. Historical People Involved

1.1. Thomas Jefferson, Wanted to expand the small school

1.2. Benjamin Franklin, Penned "Proposals Relating to Youth Of Pennsylvania."

2. The History of School

2.1. Ideas that the American Revolution shaped out our schools.

2.2. Massachusetts colony was established as a "true" religion.

3. Europe view

3.1. The Puritans in the 1600's desire to reform the Church of England because they viewed it as treason

3.2. They pervaded American schools. They also there is no Europeans beliefs had been more firmly adhered to than the integration of the State and Religion

4. Schools Back Then

4.1. Schools back then were more religious based and they only expanded schools for that purpose only

4.2. Schools back then were designed the youth to read and understand the Bible

5. American Edu

5.1. Tried to meet its broader, non-sectarian goals. By having famous people like Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin

5.2. America was not established as a religious freedom.

6. What Thomas Jefferson Wanted

6.1. To go beyond educating a small elite class or providing only religious instructions

6.2. Questioning the value of mastering Greek and Latin classics.

7. What Benjamin Franklin wanted

7.1. He wanted to create a new type of school called an "academy"

7.2. Accepted both boys and girls who could afford the tuition.