Judiciary of Malaysia

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Judiciary of Malaysia by Mind Map: Judiciary of Malaysia

1. Syariah Courts

1.1. Parallel system of state Syariah Courts which has limited jurisdiction over matter of the state islamic (sharia) law.

2. Subordinate Courts : Control booth criminal and civil matters

2.1. Sessioin Courts

2.1.1. Somewhat like the former Quarter Sessions in England

2.2. Magistrates Courts

2.2.1. Magistrates are divided into First class and Second class Magistrates the former being legally qualified and having greater powers.

2.3. Other Courts

2.3.1. The court of a penghulu or Malay village head, has the power to hear civil maters of which the claim does not exceed rm50 However the Penghulu Court has been abolished since 1 March 2013

3. Superior courts : Highest court

3.1. Federal Court

3.1.1. Hear civil decisions of the court of appeal where the federal court grants leave to do so.

3.2. Court of Appeal

3.2.1. The Court of Appeal generally hear all civil appeals **against** decisions of the High Court of Appeal

3.3. High Courts

3.3.1. The two High Courts in Malaysia have general supervisory and revisionary jurisdiction over all the Subordinate courts.