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unit 2 by Mind Map: unit 2

1. candle

1.1. scented

1.2. not scented

1.3. colour full

1.4. plain white colou

1.5. can have alot of wicks

2. interviews

2.1. should the product be scented

2.2. should the product be electric or not

2.3. should the product have designs on the outer

3. pumpkin box

3.1. can be made out of real pumpkin

3.2. can just have the colour of a pumpkin on a wooden box

4. how to find infomation

4.1. go to library and find books about festival products

4.2. go to I & S teachers and ask them to give some hint about festival products

4.3. go to those shops where they sell products according to the festival and ask them man over there to get some knowledge

5. finalize which product to make

5.1. create a list of products and close my eye and stop on one

5.2. create a list and do voting for the product to make

6. which way to make my product

6.1. use 1tinkercad

6.2. create it by wood etc.