Task 3 - Lesson 2

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Task 3 - Lesson 2 by Mind Map: Task 3 - Lesson 2

1. Year Level

1.1. 2

2. Curriculum Links

2.1. Design & Technologies

2.1.1. Knowledge and understanding Technologies and Society People produce familiar products to meet personal and community needs (ACTDEK001) Technologies Contexts Food and Fibre Production

2.2. Digital Technologies

2.2.1. Processes and Production Skills Creating Solutions by Designing Develop, communicate and discuss design ideas through describing, drawing, modelling and/or a sequence of steps (WATPPS12)

2.3. School Curriculum and Standards Authority

2.3.1. k10outline - Technologies

3. Assessment

3.1. What will you monitor

3.1.1. The students ability to transfer knowledge onto a PowerPoint planning sheet to design a presentation on oranges.

3.2. How will you monitor

3.2.1. Collection of PowerPoint planning sheets

3.2.2. Mark the quality of the students planning sheet on the assessment checklist. This will show which students are confident in planning a PowerPoint and which students are still developing this skill.

4. Follow up Lessons

4.1. Creating a Powerpoint from their plan/design

4.2. Present their created PowerPoint

4.3. Upload their work to a safe online environment

4.4. Comment on other students work using a safe online environment

4.5. Self evaluation

4.5.1. 2 stars and a wish

5. Resources

5.1. Whiteboard & Markers

5.2. Orange Sequencing Cards

5.2.1. Magnets

5.3. PowerPoint Planning Sheets

5.4. Interactive Whiteboard

5.4.1. Interactive Whiteboard Timer

5.5. Have a go pad

5.6. Books on the processes oranges go through

5.7. Computers

5.7.1. Document with Hyperlinks for research

5.8. Timers

5.9. Mind Map on Oranges

5.9.1. Created as a whole class in the previous lesson

5.10. Craft Example

5.11. PVA glue & paintbrushes

5.12. A4 blue card

5.13. Kitchen roles

5.14. Scissors

5.15. Green crepe paper

5.16. Orange and green fruit loops

5.17. Markers

5.18. Posters

5.18.1. Noise expectations

5.18.2. Class rules

5.19. Pencils

5.20. Drying rack

5.21. Strips of lined paper

6. Teaching & Learning Adjustments

6.1. PowerPoint Plan Groups

6.1.1. Group students according to ability. Gives students the opportunity to work to their best ability

6.2. Students that have not finished their PowerPoint Plans can finish them during the craft activity at the end of the lesson

6.3. Students that finish their PowerPoint Plan easy should be encourage to conduct more research and add more to their plan

6.4. Students that finish the craft activity earn can glue a strip of lined paper onto their craft and write a fact they have learnt about oranges.

7. Topic

7.1. The processes an orange goes through before gets sold at a shop

7.2. Developing a design for a PowerPoint

8. Focus Questions

8.1. Can anyone tell me what we learnt about in our last lesson?

8.2. Sequencing Activity

8.2.1. Who remembers which card came first?

8.2.2. Can someone come up and show me what come next?

8.3. What should we make sure we include in our PowerPoints?

8.3.1. Why is it important to include...?

8.4. Craft Activity

8.4.1. What do you think we might be making today?

8.4.2. What could this item represent?

9. Safety

9.1. Computer research stations are monitored at all times. Students are given links to follow to ensure they are only on safe websites

10. Lesson Steps

10.1. Introduction

10.1.1. Discuss previous lesson

10.1.2. Recap on Sequencing activity

10.1.3. Introduce PowerPoint Task (over the next few lessons)

10.1.4. Whole class discussion on what should be included in a PowerPoint List on whiteboard

10.1.5. Introduce PowerPoint Planning Task Organise pairs and give out topics using sequencing cards

10.2. Body

10.2.1. Introduce research stations Books Hyperlink document on computers Mindmap at front of class Created in previous lesson

10.2.2. Students start task Use timer on interactive whiteboard to show hoe much time is remaining Monitor work Remind students to put their names on their work

10.2.3. Discuss next lesson Creating their PowerPoint

10.3. Conclusion

10.3.1. Orange tree craft activity Fruit Lopps used on tree instead of buttons

11. Excursion Opportunity

11.1. Collins Farm

11.1.1. GinGin