Technologies - Lesson 1 Planting Seeds

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Technologies - Lesson 1 Planting Seeds by Mind Map: Technologies - Lesson 1 Planting Seeds

1. Resources

1.1. Book

1.2. Video

1.3. Whiteboard to brainstorm

1.4. beachball


2.1. WALT:

2.1.1. investigating how plants are grown and what they need to survive

2.2. WILF

2.2.1. All: Will tell/show me what plants need to live and grow

2.2.2. Most: Will show me the correct instructions to plant a seed

2.2.3. Some: Will show me what else you know about planting seeds

3. Schedule

3.1. Lesson 1

3.2. Lesson 2

3.2.1. Plant seeds

3.3. Lesson 3

3.3.1. combine photos with text to create instructions

3.3.2. Introduction to algorithms decision trees

3.4. Lesson 4

3.4.1. Finish instructions and help guide (decision tree/algorithms)

3.5. Lesson 5

3.5.1. Gallery Walk

3.5.2. Reflection on learning

4. Lesson Outline

4.1. Intro

4.1.1. Brainstorm prior knowledge

4.1.2. Watch a video Sesame Street: Grover talks about plants

4.1.3. Read a book How to grow vegetable soup

4.1.4. Class discussion

4.2. Body

4.2.1. use brainstorm to attempt to write instructions on how to plant a seed what materials do we need? What order do we write it in?

4.3. Plenary

4.3.1. Beach ball bounce Side one What did i learn today Side two What do i want to learn?

5. Curriculum Links

5.1. (ACTDEK003)

5.2. (ACTDIP004)

6. Focus Questions

6.1. book

6.1.1. What tools do you need to grow plants?

6.1.2. What did the plants need to grow?

6.1.3. What grew above the ground? What grew under?

6.1.4. How did they plant the seeds?

6.2. How do we write instructions?

6.2.1. What order?