Honor Thy Father

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Honor Thy Father by Mind Map: Honor Thy Father


2. General Lessons from the Film

2.1. Good Lessons

3. Summary

3.1. The main characters are Edgar and Kaye. It took place in Baguio and in Bontoc, which is where Edgar’s family lives.

3.1.1. The main plot about the story is about the lives of Edgar and Kaye. They have a long history of financial struggle and finally is rising up in life. Kaye is very successful in promoting his father’s investment company to her friends and churchmates. When that happened, the investors started seeking their payments for their respective investments which they could not pay because Kaye’s father was missing. Not long after, they started to receive death threats, now, Edgar seeks help from his family.

3.2. As Edgar and Kaye walk towards their car, Kaye pursues Edgar to just trust and believe in Yeshua and everything will follow. But because of their problem financially, Edgar cant help but to lose faith with the God that they are worshipping. Because of the hardships that the family is going through, he has to do everything, including an unexpected reunion with his family and his former life, if only to make sure that his wife and child are safe.

3.2.1. There he and his friends decided to get some money through stealing from the Church. Days have passed as they worked hard in the tunnel. But the thing is you can’t predict what might happen next, if he will be caught, die inside the tunnel, will he get the money that he needs, will he meet the deadline, and will he get his wife and child into safety.

4. Morality

4.1. What's right or what's wrong. It may vary from person to person (like normality for example).

5. Money and Religion

5.1. Important tools for conquering people's minds.

6. Family

6.1. The smallest unit of our community. It's also the collection fo people that SHOULD love and accept us unconditionally

7. Characters

7.1. Main Characters

7.1.1. Edgar (John Lloyd Cruz)

7.1.2. Kaye (Meryll Soriano)

7.2. Other Characters

7.2.1. Emil (Khalil Ramos)

7.2.2. Manny (Dan Fernandez)

7.2.3. Bishop Tony (Tirso Cruz III)

7.2.4. Jessica (Yayo Aguila)

7.2.5. Nanang (Perla Bautista)

7.2.6. Pastor Obet (William Martines)

7.2.7. Cedric (Lander Vera Perez)

7.2.8. Erwin (Boom Labrusca)

7.2.9. Angel (Krystal Brimner)

7.2.10. Liza (Dalin Sarmiento)

8. Conclusion

8.1. All in all, the film in itself was a social commentary about the Filipino’s faith, which sometimes straddles the line towards fanaticism; the Filipinos’ unconditional love for family — the bond between husbands and wives, fathers and daughters, mothers and sons and brothers with their siblings, the type of bond that transcends reason and accepts even the direst imperfections. The film spoke about desperation, death and tragedy, real life, happy endings and the ability to dream for a better life.

9. Visual Elements

9.1. The flow of the screenplay throughout the movie was consistent, which was a good thing. On the final cut or should we say final release, the movie’s atmosphere was easily captured by showing a sort of sepia filter, it gives an old-school feel in terms of the colors being non vibrant and reminds us of the early Filipino movies.

9.2. In a scene, only 1 to 2 camera angles were used. This provided a simple yet aesthetic feel for the movie, it helps slow watchers to comprehend the transitions of the effects and cinematography and simplifies the principles into a very neat and crisp play of the angles.

9.3. Sound direction in the movie was a bit of disappointment though. The vibe was to give off an old-school type of entertainment, but that doesn’t mean that the cons of former film styles also be adapted. Some parts of the movie showed a lack or exaggeration of sound effects and the quality of the sound is not consistent with the environment.

9.4. Generally, it is difficult to shoot a movie in dark environments. A major part of the movie was set in a dark environment, particularly a mine. It is hard for a cinematographer to judge the proper angles and ensure the quality of the take. The movie handled this very well, the over-all quality of dark scenes are drastically improved compared to other movies of the same generation.

9.5. The make-up and special prosthetic effects were on point, it was very life-like, it clearly deserved the best make-up award. The wounds, blood, and even punch marks were greatly modeled to produce very identical effects.

10. General Ideas

10.1. Director

10.1.1. Erik Matti

10.2. Release Date

10.2.1. 12 September 2015

10.3. Genre

10.3.1. Thriller, Crime Film, Drama

11. Movie Criticisms

11.1. Reviews

11.1.1. "...There is no doubt that Honor Thy Father can be considered a runaway hit and deserves to be on the list of breakaway Filipino films.." -

11.1.2. "..Just like the perfect gift this Christmas, Honor Thy Father is marvelous both inside and out.."

11.1.3. "...Overwhelming beauty in despair.."

11.1.4. "..None here, but some may take issue on how the movie ends. #NoSpoilers"

11.2. Rating

12. Themes