My interests

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My interests by Mind Map: My interests

1. Athletics

1.1. Basketball

1.1.1. a machine that simulates a bad/missed shot so that posts can work on rebounding hard shots and put backs

1.2. training/conditioning

1.3. skiing

1.3.1. a heated face mask

1.3.2. a type of wax you can put on ski goggles so that water droplets on your goggles don't make them foggy/hard to see out of

2. Food

2.1. baking

2.1.1. A plate to put cookies on that is electrically powered to be cold, so it cools the cookies faster

2.1.2. an app that when you type in the name of a food you would like to bake/cook, it automatically tells you the temperature the oven needs to be at to make that food

2.2. food specific to different cultures

2.3. cooking

3. cultures

3.1. food

3.2. traditions

3.3. language

4. education

4.1. high school

4.2. college

4.2.1. an app that one can enter their location and it will only tell you what food establishments are open 24 hours near them

4.3. tutoring