Copyright for Teachers

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Copyright for Teachers by Mind Map: Copyright for Teachers

1. Why Is it Important for Teachers to Understand Fair Use?

1.1. It is important for teachers to understand fair use not only for themselves in developing useful lessons but also for their students to know that everything needs to have credit. This gives teachers the opportunity to be creative but add their own uniqueness to things in their classroom. Sometimes teachers need a few extra ideas since they consistanly in need of creative ideas.

1.2. There are four that are important with fair use and they are the purpose and character of use, the nature of work, the amount of work and the effect it will have on the original work.

1.3. There are time when teachers need help coming up with lessons or ideas that will effectively make there students learn. Online lessons are good at this and are protected by fair use the reasons why some lesson plans only offer a snippet of the work.

2. Creative Commons

2.1. Creative commons is a non-profit company that aims to helping people correctly use and reuse others work with the creators being a huge part of the distribution. Creative commons allow for creators to personally have a say as to what and how much of their work is used and for what purpose. They stand within in all the rules of the copy right laws as the help people use the work of others the legal and productive way.

3. How to stay Updated

3.1. Teachers can stay updated on fair use and copy right laws by vigorously checking sites that help with copyright information. Subscribing to blogs that offer help with the laws could really help as well.

4. Copyright is the legal rights given to the person or persons who have created an original piece of work. There is much miscommunication about copyrighting and what the classifications are. Copyright owners have the say so to what part of their work can be copied or used to the public.

5. Fair use is a way for people to understand the limits that owners have put into the their copy right laws. There are exemptions to the materials and people need to fully understand what can be used and what can not be used.

6. Fair Use

7. Standard Copyright