History Mindmap c:

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History Mindmap c: by Mind Map: History Mindmap c:

1. Thought the French had no class nor history

2. Key people

2.1. 1793-1875: Sir Francis Bond Head

2.1.1. To support the Tories he interferred with the elections He shut down some assemblies They had to create new assemblies because of his interference with the ones in the past

2.1.2. Supported Tories

2.2. 1795-1861: William Lyon Mackinenzie

2.2.1. Used his articles to report his own hatred In his articles he used the word "nobodies" to represent the citizens of Canada He got re-elceted a couple tims in a row He had refused to take his seat many times

2.2.2. He had many citizens against him

2.3. 1786-1871: Louis-Joseph Papineau

2.3.1. Travelled to different areas such as England to give one of his memorable speeches He spent many years to support the reform Tried go develop more people to join the reform

2.3.2. Papineau agreed and supported reforming He encouraged and believed that the elected assembly should gain more power than the other group

2.4. Louis-Hippolyte LaFoutaine

2.4.1. He had worked with Robert Baldmin [below] in the legsislative government

2.5. Robert Baldwin

2.5.1. Robert Baldwin resignes from the government because its government will not aprrove of a responsible government majority of people wanted

2.6. Baron Jeffery Amherst

2.7. General Authur Wellesley

2.8. Charles Edward Poulett Thomson

2.9. Joseph Brant (Thayendenagea)

2.10. Sir John Colborne

2.11. Lord Durham [John George Lambton]

2.11.1. He was hired to solve conflicts

2.11.2. He chose representation by population therefore the French wouldn't have as much power as wanted

2.11.3. He wanted to join the 2 Canadas together and succeeded

2.11.4. Lord Durham wanted a responsible government, and tried his best to get it

3. Conflict

3.1. The Rebellions

3.1.1. The people wanted an undemocratic government

3.1.2. Wanted government elites

3.1.3. Economic Decline

3.1.4. The Decline of the Seigneural System

3.1.5. And lastly the people wanted was more Transportation in the Lower Canada

3.2. Major Areas the Rebellions took place

3.2.1. Saint-Eustache

3.2.2. Saint-Penis

3.2.3. Saint-Charles

3.2.4. Hunters' Lodges

4. Change

4.1. After Math

4.1.1. Minor Changes? A Responsible Government was created Still Appointed Politicians Must Accept What The Elected Politicians Want Any Bill Passed By The Legislative Assembly Has To Become Law If Lieutenant Governor Disagreed to the Bill and Doesn't Sign It, Then It Doesn't Become Law

4.1.2. Major Changes? Voters Should Get To Chose Government Representatives The positions of lieutenant governor, executive councilor, and legislativ council were are put to an end The postions taken away were replaced by elected positions there were absolutely no appointed officials in government now