Using Video Lecture to engage learners

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Using Video Lecture to engage learners by Mind Map: Using Video Lecture to engage learners

1. Advantages and Disadvantages

1.1. Advantages

1.1.1. Convenience

1.1.2. Ability for repitition

1.1.3. Clarity for students with language/learning difficulty

1.1.4. Confirmation of understanding of information presented (review of notes)

1.2. Disadvantages

1.2.1. Lack of personal interaction

1.2.2. Lack of student participation

2. The Model

2.1. Students provided with initial lecture or introduction of material as a video lecture

2.2. Students watch video lecture prior to attending class

2.3. Traditional class time used for interactive discussion rather than lecture

2.4. Lectures may be recorded in static (private) environment with no audience, or in front of an audience to receive dynamic feedback in real time

3. The Project

3.1. Classes followed the model then students completed a survey regarding the methodology

3.2. Results showed students approved of new model vs traditional lecture

3.3. Students particularly valued the class time for discussion versus lecture

4. Review of Literature

4.1. Lage et al.

4.1.1. Required students to view video lecture prior to class

4.1.2. Used class time for discussion and questions

4.1.3. Improved engagement for all learning styles

4.2. Foertch et al.

4.2.1. Goal was to increase learner engagement through additional contacts by utilizing online resources

4.2.2. Value of the course improved

4.3. Day and Foley

4.3.1. Comparative study

4.3.2. Group that utilized online lectures then course discussion achieved higher than traditional counterparts

5. Discussion

5.1. Continue and expand study

5.2. Further examination of video lectures in front of audience vs. not

5.3. Overall result: Use of video lectures improves student engagement and performance in this type of model