Classroom Connect

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Classroom Connect by Mind Map: Classroom Connect

1. Governance Process

1.1. Best Practices

1.2. Collaborated Xsite Effort

1.2.1. Meetings Who When What

1.3. Future State

1.4. Feedback

2. Objectives

2.1. Business Critical

2.1.1. Short Term Research Current projects how do we positively impact the projects and learn and quit making mistakes RMD - how do we not make that mistake again Leverage learning forum to discuss lesson learned

2.1.2. Long Term

3. Project Name Brainstorm

3.1. Classroom Connect

3.1.1. Learn and Engage

4. Strategy

4.1. User Experience

4.1.1. Technology Consistent Branding AF T&D Templates Dashboards Portal Integration CCR SharePoint Other Maintenance and Support Data/Reporting Real Time Progress Tracking Training Schedule Job Performance

4.1.2. Requirements Repeatable Scalable Commercial Grade Intuitive Provides Feedback Provides training and progress insight Collaboration Self-directed On-demand Cognitive Overload 10-18 minutes chunks Learner Accountability Engagement

4.2. Change Management

4.2.1. Training Implementation Learner Training Kick-off Meeting Business Managers Role and Expectations

4.2.2. Roles and Responsibilities Work Management Scheduling AF T&D Training Coordination ID Facilitation Management Training Project Lead Business Sr. Managers Managers Learners SME/Content Specialist Other Leadership

5. Other Technology

5.1. WebEx Training Tool

5.2. Confluence

5.3. Workfront Management

6. Micro-Learning

7. For this project we need to keep Communication more consistent along the way of this project