The Cost of Education

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The Cost of Education by Mind Map: The Cost of Education

1. Solutions

1.1. Create a website

1.1.1. Help the students

1.1.2. Better understanding

1.2. Better inform college bound students

1.3. FAFSA

1.3.1. Free Application

1.3.2. Apply even if you do not need it

2. Causes

2.1. Expensive Tuition

2.1.1. I college worth the debt

2.1.2. It is not affordable

2.2. Debt

2.2.1. Bigger issue than I thought

3. Problems

3.1. The cost of education is going up

3.2. Students are going into extreme amounts of debt

3.3. Funding school is becoming harder

4. The BIG Picture

4.1. Student Support

4.2. Website

4.2.1. Further understanding

4.2.2. Multiple areas of connecting loans

4.2.3. Government rules

4.2.4. Understand your finances

4.2.5. Scholarships

4.3. FinAid

4.3.1. Helping students afford college

4.3.2. Future educators We need them We would be lost without them

4.4. Media

4.4.1. Get the word out

4.4.2. Possibly more funding

5. The Business Model Canvas

5.1. Channel

5.1.1. Search Engine New Resources Up to DATE info

5.1.2. Reference List Contact List Funding

5.2. Key Partners

5.2.1. Students Feedback Collaboration Success

5.2.2. Staff Individuals Ideas Atmosphere

5.2.3. Web Based Resources Funding

5.3. Key Activities

5.3.1. Website Develop Visitors

5.3.2. Funding Donors Sponsors

5.3.3. Employees Boost Moral Incentives

5.3.4. Goals Achievable Challenging

5.4. Value Propositions

5.4.1. Cost of Tutition

5.4.2. How are they going to pay for school

5.5. Customer Relationships

5.5.1. Are they happy

5.5.2. Is this site working

5.6. Customer Segments

5.6.1. Where do I find funding?

5.6.2. Future seeking college bound student

5.7. Key Resources

5.7.1. Website

5.7.2. Fan Base College Students Future Investors

5.7.3. Happy Employees

5.7.4. Resources Sponsors