Mind Mapping/Graphic Organizer

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Mind Mapping/Graphic Organizer by Mind Map: Mind Mapping/Graphic Organizer

1. Benefits

1.1. improves collaboration and teamwork

1.2. enhances memory through the use of mental triggers

1.3. increases productivity and makes note taking more efficient

1.4. facilitates a free flow of ideas and fosters creativity

1.5. great for presentations

2. Uses In The Classroom

2.1. note taking & revising

2.2. creating stunning presentations

2.3. monitoring student participation

2.4. research & writing

2.5. conquering learning disabilities

3. What is it?

3.1. great for organizing content, ideas, and new info

3.2. a means for teachers and students to work collaboratively

3.3. can be shared with individuals or whole groups, who then can add their own ideas, videos, images, etc.

4. Would I Use In My Classroom?

4.1. YES!!!

4.2. great visuals, that reinforce what is taught in the classroom.

4.3. graphic organizers are a great tool with a lot of benefits, easy to use, and helps students study while improving their test scores.