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Retreatment by Mind Map: Retreatment

1. coronal disassembly

1.1. decision to remove

1.1.1. Grasping instruments KY PLIERS WYNMAN CROWN PLIERS


1.1.3. active instruments Metalift kline crown remover Higa bridge remover Richwil crown and bridge remover

1.2. decision to retain

1.2.1. access through crown

2. post removal

2.1. removal of core material

2.2. reduction of post retention

2.2.1. ultrasonic

2.2.2. solvents

2.2.3. Roto Pro bur

2.3. post removal kits

2.3.1. Gonon post removing kit

2.3.2. thomas screw post removal kit

2.3.3. ruddle psot removal system

2.3.4. eggler post removal system

2.3.5. fiber post peeso drill gyro tip

3. solid core obturators

3.1. silver point removal

3.2. plastic/metal carriers

4. gutta percha removal

4.1. heat

4.2. chemicals/solvents

4.2.1. halothane

4.2.2. chloroform

4.2.3. xylene

5. separated instrument removal

5.1. clincially visble instrument

5.2. clinically restricted visibility

5.2.1. ultrasonics

5.2.2. kits Tube and H file method wire loop and tube braiding of endodontic files endoextractor kit maserann extractor extraactor system IRS SIRS