Florence Nightingale Born May 12th. ,1820

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Florence Nightingale Born May 12th. ,1820 by Mind Map: Florence Nightingale Born May 12th. ,1820

1. Broad education

1.1. Linguist, science, math, literature, arts, philosophy, history, politics, economics, government, nursing

1.1.1. Wanted to use her knowledge to help people

2. Mother of Modern Day Nursing

2.1. Lady with the Lamp, 1st Nursing Theorist, Gathered information to assist her in the development of modern nursing

3. 1851

3.1. Attended Fleidner School of Nursing in Germany

3.1.1. First organized nursing school

4. 1854

4.1. Went to the front lines of the Crimean war with 38 other nurses

4.1.1. Mortality rate dropped from 42.7% to 2.2%

4.1.2. Manipulated environment of the soldiers to promote recovery

4.1.3. Demonstrated great concern for the English soldier

5. 1856

5.1. Returned to England from Crimea

5.1.1. Used data to influence the War department

5.1.2. Papers and reports were manuscripts written by Nightingale

5.1.3. Reformer for the health and well being of English citizens

5.2. Spent years after the war establishing schools of nursing, influencing public policy and lobbying about her concerns

6. Environmental Model

6.1. Gained from broad base of knowledge, experiences, understanding of disease, powers of observation

6.1.1. Main focus was to manipulate the environment to promote healing

6.2. Health of Houses

6.3. Ventilation and Warming

6.4. Light

6.5. Noise

6.6. Variety

6.7. Bed and Bedding

6.8. Cleanliness of Rooms and Walls

6.9. Personal Cleanliness

6.10. Nutrition and Taking Food

6.11. Chattering Hopes and Advices

6.12. Social Considearations

7. Political Activist

8. Writer

8.1. Notes on Nursing, Notes on Hospitals, Notes on Lying in Institutions, Views on Pregnancy

9. Statistician

9.1. used data to back up claims, Pioneer for her time

10. Nursing Process

10.1. Assessment

10.1.1. Ask Pt. what is needed

10.1.2. Use observation

10.2. Diagnose

10.2.1. Diagnosis needs to be Pt. response to environment

10.3. Planning

10.3.1. Nursing actions to keep pt. in best state for nature to work

10.4. Implementation

10.4.1. Involves taking action to manipulate the Pt.'s environment

10.5. Evaluation

10.5.1. The effects of changing the environment has on the Pt.'s ability to recover