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Media by Mind Map: Media

1. Etymology

1.1. medium

1.2. medius

2. Mass Communication

2.1. television

2.2. radio

2.3. newspaper

3. mediates

3.1. World

3.2. Window

3.2.1. looking at the screen of the television or your laptop

3.2.2. looking at the world through the screen

4. means

4.1. method,instrument, and agency, at the same time that it is a container that holds together something

5. Active and Alive

5.1. Possible

5.2. Impossible

6. technological

6.1. technologia

6.1.1. logia techné

6.2. technology

6.2.1. systematic application art or knowledge

6.3. mediate a body in particular places

6.3.1. particular moments particular means

6.4. continue to pass on or perpetuate certain knowledge or arts

6.4.1. received from others and acquired by learning become part of a technology become technological