Judith Wilson Hello From Colorado

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Judith Wilson Hello From Colorado by Mind Map: Judith Wilson                          Hello From Colorado

1. Career

2. Education

2.1. Undergraduate: Howard University BSN

2.2. Graduate: Colorado University School of Public Health MPH

2.3. Certificate in Grant Writing

3. Family

4. Favorite things to do

4.1. Watch movies: drama, action, suspense, documentaries, foreign films, holiday family movies, Marvel comics films, 90's films

4.2. Go out to eat--huge "foodie". Soul Food, Italian, Vietnamese, Korean BBQ,, African, anything steak or bacon. PIZZA. These are just a few

4.3. Work out at the gym: HIT work outs, free weights, plyometrics

4.4. Go Tubing and White Water Rafting in Summer

5. Havilland (daughter): new freshman in High School. LOVES school. Wants to be a Civil Rights Activist Lawyer

6. Registered Nurse

6.1. Military Medicine: Retired Naval Officer in Nurse Corp

6.2. Primary Care: Homeless Clinics, Medically Underserved hospital systems

6.3. Acute Care: ICU, Med/Surgical, Orthopedics

6.4. Case Management: hospital and Home Care setting

6.5. Home Care

6.6. Long Term Acute Care: specialized in Wound Care

7. Career Goal: combine MBA and MPH initiatives, Federal Government Health Care Regulation(Policy and Project creation)

8. John, James, David (brothers--no sisters). Two nieces (Tania and Jilana)--rest all boys. Even with marriages, the Wilson family gains only boys. But us girls hold our own.

9. "Nino Brown"--daughters cat. Male cat named after a 90's movie. Of course her uncles helped her find the name for the cat.

10. Primary Setting in Career has been serving those who are marginalized in the health care system

11. Where I live

11.1. Currently in Denver Colorado

11.1.1. Previously in Washington, DC (DMV area) for 10 years

11.1.2. Looking to move back to DC/MD area after my daughter is finished with high school