Jeff Minkovitz introduction

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Jeff Minkovitz introduction by Mind Map: Jeff Minkovitz introduction

1. Carey Business School MBA - Health Care Studies

1.1. Practice Development

1.2. Health Care Financing Innovations

1.3. US Health Care Reform

2. Work

2.1. Ophthalmology

2.1.1. Patient Care occupies the vast majority of my professional time

2.1.2. I specialize in cataract surgery, corneal diseases, and laser vision correction

2.1.3. I enjoy teaching medical and surgical care to residents

2.2. Business of Medicine

2.2.1. Surgery Center founder and partner since 2004 Joined my group practice in 1995 later becoming partner

2.2.2. Leadership roles in state and national medical organizations

2.2.3. Have worked with local and national business leaders developing models for innovative payment systems

3. Education and Training

3.1. Harvard College

3.2. UMass Medical School

3.3. Washington University Ophthalmology Residency and Johns Hopkins fellowship

4. Cities We Have Called Home

4.1. Born and raised in Boston and still root for Boston sports teams!!

4.2. Trained in St. Louis and Baltimore

4.3. Currently call Wilmington, DE home

5. Other main interests

5.1. Family: My wife and I have two young adult children, a terrific labradoodle and a close extended family

5.2. Travel

5.3. Tennis (admittedly my game could use more attention) and Exercise