Valerie's Goals 2018

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Valerie's Goals 2018 by Mind Map: Valerie's Goals 2018

1. To upgrade the level of our content

1.1. To create a list of topics based on our content plan & divided by themes (e.g. development, metrics, analytics, etc)

1.2. To write at least 2 professional articles per month

1.3. To create a list of experts (contacts/topics they specialize in)

1.4. To improve my writing at Graham Business Writing School

1.5. Resources: Business Writing Course

2. To enhance the research process

2.1. To develop a list of topics for e-books and white papers

2.1.1. To find industry experts: ask pubdev team + develop my own network by visiting conferences

2.1.2. To learn our dashboard better: to figure out what data I can use for reports

2.2. To improve my analytics skills by taking an online course

2.3. Resources: Аналитика в бизнесе — авторский курс для предпринимателей

3. To find more partners

3.1. To collaborate with Irina and create a list of potential partners/articles & other activities they could be interested in

3.2. To refresh old blog content so it could be useful both for potential partners & pubdev team

3.3. Conferences: GDC, Game Beat (Venture Beat), maybe some local conferences/meet ups in Chicago

4. To redesign blogs

4.1. To determine basic milestones/create a schedule

4.2. To collaborate with Wing, Pasha, Alex, Yvonne and freelancers on this topic

4.3. To finish redesign at least by the end of March 2018

4.3.1. Blog redesign specifications Resources: Buy Photoshop (I have a student discount)