ADDIE Model Mind Map

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ADDIE Model Mind Map by Mind Map: ADDIE Model Mind Map

1. Evaluation

1.1. Student survey

1.1.1. Student Assessment Return-on -investment

1.2. Review with SME and Stakeholders

2. Analysis

2.1. Project Plan

2.1.1. Needs Analysis Task Analysis Course Goal and Objectives

2.1.2. Cost Schedule Resources

3. Design

3.1. Terminal/Enabling Objectives

3.1.1. Content Outline Detailed Content Outline Storyboards Interview SME Review content with SME and Stakeholders

3.1.2. Instructional Strategy

3.1.3. Media Selection

4. Developemnt

4.1. Course Development

4.1.1. Quality Control

4.1.2. Instructor-led web-based Teleconfernece

4.1.3. Review with SME and Stakeholders

5. Implementation

5.1. Alpha Test

5.1.1. Beta Test

5.2. Review results with SME and Stakeholders