Michael P. Ward Introduction

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Michael P. Ward Introduction by Mind Map: Michael P. Ward Introduction

1. Business Goals

1.1. I want to run a hospital/health system or work in healthcare consulting

1.2. Would love to be able to get all of the healthcare tools and technologies into the hands of Medicaid/Medicare patients to provide more proactive preventative care to help improve quality outcomes

1.3. Would like to be published in an academic article or newspaper on a healthcare related topic

2. Education

2.1. Oklahoma State University

2.2. Webster University -MBA

2.3. John's Hopkins University -MHA

3. Favorite Quotes/Motto's

3.1. This is Water -David Foster Wallace

3.2. Certatim Semper

3.3. Always give without remembering and always receive without forgetting

4. Work Experience

4.1. athenahealth - Subject Matter Expert in OBGYN/Pediatrics/Nephrology-sold practice management billing, electronic health record, and population health communication services.

4.2. DataRobot -Global Healthcare Account Executive -sold automated machine learning and predictive analytic software to Hospital and Health Systems attempting to identify at-risk patients

4.3. Circulation- Selling non-emergency patient transportation services to hospitals and health systems.

5. Hobbies

5.1. Love watching college football and specifically my alma mater the Oklahoma State Cowboys

5.2. Love watching movies at the movie theater by myself

5.3. Big fan of craft beer and trying new and different craft beer from every state

6. Personal Time

6.1. Traveling the world with my girlfriend

6.2. Studying with my girlfriend over the next 2 years since she is also going to John's Hopkins

6.3. Spending weekends in Weekapaug, RI