06/21 - Global Perspectives in the Primary Classroom

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06/21 - Global Perspectives in the Primary Classroom by Mind Map: 06/21 - Global Perspectives in the Primary Classroom

1. Community Values

1.1. Tolerance and understanding

1.2. Respect

1.3. Responsibility

1.4. Social Justice

1.5. Excellence

1.6. Care

1.7. Inclusion and Trust

2. 5 Global Ed Learning Emphases

2.1. Interdependence and Globalisation

2.1.1. Features Cultural Economic Environmental Political Religious Social Technological

2.1.2. Identify and anlayse both positive and negative effects of interdependence and globalisation

2.2. Identity and Cultural Diversity

2.3. Social Justice and Human Rights

2.3.1. UN Human Rights Survival Development Protection Participation

2.4. Peace Building and Conflict Resolution

2.4.1. Peace Peace looks like... Wide open space on the beach

2.5. Sustainable Futures

3. Resources

3.1. Draw your version of the World

3.2. CD's

3.2.1. Developing Global Citizens DVD Our Homes A World of Clothes Food for all A Weeks Food (Australia)

3.3. Books

3.3.1. Oxford Atlas 3 Levels

3.3.2. Picture Books The Enemy For Every Child UNICEF Mirror Jeannie Baker

3.4. Websites

3.4.1. Global Education

3.4.2. Free Rice

3.4.3. Youtube If the world was a village of 100 people

3.4.4. Early Childhood Education

3.4.5. Prejudice No Way

3.4.6. Australian Human Rights Commission

3.4.7. Water Aid