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06/21 - Global Perspectives in the Primary Classroom by Mind Map: 06/21 - Global
Perspectives in the
Primary Classroom
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06/21 - Global Perspectives in the Primary Classroom

Diana Boase (Secondary) Megan Bourke Selena Prior Marilyn Snider (Primary)    

Community Values

what values the community wants children to have

Tolerance and understanding



Social Justice



Inclusion and Trust

5 Global Ed Learning Emphases

Interdependence and Globalisation

Features, Cultural, Economic, Environmental, Political, Religious, Social, Technological

Identify and anlayse both positive and negative effects of interdependence and globalisation

Identity and Cultural Diversity

Social Justice and Human Rights

UN Human Rights, Survival, Development, Protection, Participation

Peace Building and Conflict Resolution

Peace, Peace looks like..., Wide open space on the beach

Sustainable Futures


Draw your version of the World


Developing Global Citizens DVD, Our Homes, A World of Clothes, Food for all, A Weeks Food (Australia), Types of Food, Meat, Vege, Packaged food, Condiments


Oxford Atlas, 3 Levels

Picture Books, The Enemy, For Every Child, UNICEF, Mirror, Jeannie Baker


Global Education

Free Rice

Youtube, If the world was a village of 100 people

Early Childhood Education

Prejudice No Way

Australian Human Rights Commission

Water Aid