pet effect for human

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pet effect for human by Mind Map: pet effect for human

1. conclusion

1.1. pet effect to human

1.2. animals make to aboid hert deseace for human that human treat them.

2. body

2.1. Pet effect for human, Increasing social functioning seen through

2.1.1. Increased social awareness

2.1.2. Increased social interaction

2.1.3. Increased social motivation

2.1.4. Increased social skills and behaviors

2.1.5. Decreased social isolation

2.2. pet with patient

2.2.1. there are benefit for human that Pet support human's mind better. So, some people say. Pet is good for patients to heal mind who has autism.

2.3. avoid allergic

2.3.1. I have a question. Which do you think that it has the risk of allergic more? with pet or without pet surprysingry, this one.

2.3.2. In a study of lifetime dog and cat exposure and sensitization, teenagers who lived with a cat during the first year of their life had a 48% lower risk of cat allergy than group of without cats that why, strengthening the immune system The health theory says that a lack of early childhood exposure to infectious agents, symbiotic microorganisms and parasites increase the risk to allergic diseases by holding back the natural development of the immune system. Before birth baby exposure to dogs can influence immune development and attenuate the development of atopy in at children

2.3.3. uh... animals are not only cute but also they make healthy effect for human a lot. What?! I hind surprisingly information. Ok I will tell you.

2.4. high age people

2.4.1. in 2006, the US nearly 8 million persons were injured and went to the emergency departmens because of falling. According the report average of 30 % injured people were associated with dogs and cats

2.4.2. In addition, Older persons above 75 had the highest injury rates about 70 %. this rate is twice as high as those above 40.

2.4.3. Pets have hope to care dementia for sinior people but, pets might present a fall hazard.

2.4.4. And also, I find way of avoiding such a happing. Do you know this doll?Next is last information about it. Hear we go!!!

2.4.5. This is Robotic pets.

2.4.6. It can solve those probrems

2.4.7. the study show the Robotic pets have nearly same hearing effect for dementia as a real pets. You know robotic animals don't hurt owner.

2.4.8. In short, pets have benefit for human hearth but, it might injure people. So, if high technology continue to grow, the robotic pets might be the future of therapy animals instead of real animals.

2.5. recent study show

2.5.1. so, I recommend you if you have such as disease when you become older person, you have to have robot animals like this.

3. intoro

3.1. rock ster

3.1.1. Hi guys! Many times I'm visiting Beastie Cafe in Namba.There are many kind of the cute animals in here.oh Why I'm here? well I 'm going to introduce about pet effect for human. Ok. Let's start.

4. definition of pet

4.1. Pet is the one of the partner like family in the oner's life . People have it because they prefer animals and want to spent of time with its.

4.2. And also, people say animals can heal damage in human mind. If people watch, touch, treat for animals. It cause to avoid heart disease. example is depression.

4.3. But, You might have heard already my information so for. right? So, I'm going to introduce might be new one.

5. Pets might also cause psychological harm

5.1. they may undergo grief reactions similar to those with loss of other people