Mobile Payment

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Mobile Payment by Mind Map: Mobile Payment

1. Background

1.1. Systems that let consumers pay by mobile devices

2. Advantages

2.1. Increase speed of checking customers out

2.1.1. quicker to pay with a mobile device than a credit card

2.2. Convenience

2.2.1. make payment anywhere at anytime with their mobile devices connected with Internet

2.3. Security

2.3.1. no physical wallets, cash

2.4. Cost

2.4.1. no monthly fees plus transaction fees

3. Disadvantages

3.1. Can only apply on smart phone

3.2. Mobile devices are prone to theft

3.2.1. may subject to lose their card and personal account information

3.3. Difficult to read terms and conditions

4. Function

4.1. Great ways to transfer money via mobile without use of any credit card, check or cash

5. common payment

5.1. Aliay

5.2. PayPal

5.3. Applepay

5.4. WeChat Pay

5.5. Google Wallets

5.6. Android Pay

6. Introduction-History

6.1. Timeline of how mobile payments have advanced into the 21st century

7. Information Searching Methods

7.1. search queries

7.1.1. Mobile payment

7.1.2. “Mobile Money” “Mobile wallet”

7.1.3. allintitle: mobile money transfer

7.2. search engines

7.2.1. Google

7.2.2. Yahoo!

7.2.3. Baidu

7.2.4. Bing, Live Search

8. Video

8.1. Mobile Payments: The Good, the Bad, and the Confusing

9. Online survey