employees and conflict

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employees and conflict by Mind Map: employees  and conflict

1. Results on having conflict in the workplace ?

1.1. Suffer from stress

1.2. do a low performance level

1.3. have a weak relationships among family and friends

2. Ways to solve conflicts that happened in the workplace.

2.1. management ways

2.1.1. engage productivity

2.1.2. build the culture that encourage giving and receiving feedback

2.2. Employees ways

2.2.1. Right timing

2.2.2. know your boundaries

2.2.3. Respect differences

3. Reasons that cause a conflict in the workplace

3.1. too much responsibilities to do

3.2. different employees personalities

3.3. Change in leadership to a new one

4. Types of conflict

4.1. Conflicts over facts and data

4.2. Conflicts over process or methods

4.3. Conflict over purpose

4.4. Conflict over values