4 theories of learning

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4 theories of learning by Mind Map: 4 theories of learning

1. Communications

1.1. . Teacher transfers knowledge to the students through speking

1.2. . Learning happens when the students demonstrate that they understood what was communicated

1.3. concept affected by different factors

1.3.1. environmental

1.3.2. Psychological

1.3.3. personal

2. Behaviorist

2.1. A learner is passive responding to environmental stimuli

2.2. students learn in response to reinforcement

2.2.1. positive reinforcement includes : praise, treats and special prizes

2.2.2. negative reinforcement includes: punishment or the taking away of something

3. Constructive

3.1. Analyze and Apply

3.2. Builds on previous knowledge

3.3. social constructivism

3.3.1. interactions with other is a key role in learning

3.4. cognitive constructivism

3.4.1. learning is active rather than passive

4. . Cognitivist

4.1. Learning is a mental operation

4.1.1. Methods of teaching: Lecturing, Visual tools, Mind maps, multiple choice tests

4.2. Information enters the senses

4.2.1. information is then processed stored and used

4.3. Knowledge is assimilated and accommodated

4.3.1. Build knowledge by doing; active learning