What is technology

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What is technology by Mind Map: What is technology

1. What i thought technology was

2. Computer

3. Camera

4. Phone

5. I always that it was all about tv, cellphones,computers etc..

6. Reference

7. Defining the Word “Technology” … Four Times - Don't Eat The Fruit.

8. Kumar, Kumar , & Persuad (1999) "technology has two primary components: 1) a physical component which comprises of items such as products, tooling, equipment, blueprints, techniques, and processes; and 2) the informational component which consists of know-how in management, marketing, production, quality control, reliability, skilled labor and functional areas."

9. Food for Thought. - Friedel, Robert. Technology and Culture 43.4 (Oct 2002): 842-845.

10. TedTalks. (2010, February, 22.) Kevin Kelly tells technology’s epic story. [Video File] Retrieved from: http://www.ted.com/talks/kevin_kelly_tells_technology_s_epic_story/transcript?language=en

11. What is 'technology'? - Far Eastern Economic Review 163.15 (Apr 13, 2000): 78.

12. "Technology is anything invented after you were born."(Kelly, 2008)

13. I basically thought that website and using emoji and sending photos to friends using our cell phone and using certain applications to communicate was technology

14. Things that help us make our life easier or simpler was technology

15. why a mind map is creative

16. This map definitely makes you reach your most creative boundaries cause you should make it attractive to the user so they feel like having a look at what you have written and you can definitely say that you really have to work with the colors and the background and stuff its quiet a trouble but helps you expand your creativity level no doubt!

17. What is technology now ?

18. We can definetly say that Technology is of two types it is till very hard to describe in our day to day life basically everything we use in our life is like a tool these tools are called technology

19. There are Physical components and information components

20. Technology is now basically a need for everyone it is advancing day by day and nobody can control it

21. Creative aspect

22. Read through many site to get more information on how to do it and what is the best way to explain technology

23. Brain storming ideas to what and how and what to do on this project

24. Purpose

25. 1.Science

26. 2.Communication

27. 3.Cooking

28. 4.Engineering

29. 5.Human purposes

30. Technology is the most advance way of communication with other people using electronic devices

31. The word "technology is a very broad term it means a lot not just a few things,it even involves peoples activities as a part of it

32. A piece of hardware or an artifact -could be a clock, a shovel, or a laptop -these are all things that were invented by humans, not naturally by God (Dyer, 2009)

33. It also peoples skills that they use to create new things in their day to day lives

34. Things or tools that help us make our life easier is a part of technology

35. "Technology as social usage...The simultaneous actions of 45 people forming an orchestra are also a kind of technology that binds together instruments, people, and music." (Dyer, 2009)

36. watches ,belts,cars,utensils all these things and more are a part of technology

37. I Consider a mind map creative because it is really of great help you can put all your ideas down as easy as possible and you can give a good explaination of what you want display to the people who are going to view this map

38. It is really tricky to create this map and make sure that everything looks perfect so you get a good grade but it is definitely a tough call to work with all the ways and make sure it looks really presentable to everyone who wants to see it,I say that in order to receive a good grade or anything good you definitely have to work hard to achieve it .I felt this was the hardest assignment that i put all my effort in cause i have never used a site like this before so was quiet a funny thing to work with first but i felt give it a try you wont loose anything new tries lead new great beginning

39. Had to read the course content multiple times so you get new ideas and know what your working with in order to get things just right