Why Integrate Technology

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Why Integrate Technology by Mind Map: Why Integrate Technology

1. 21st Century Skills

1.1. Creativity & Innovation

1.2. Communication & Collaboration

1.3. Research and Information Literacy

1.4. Critical Thinking

1.5. Nonlinear Thinking

1.6. Visual Literacy and Visual Thinking

1.7. Spatial Thinking

1.8. Digital-Age Reflection

2. Global World & Workplace

3. Different Types of Learners

3.1. Multiple Intelligences

3.2. Cultures, Ethnicity, and Languages

3.3. Autistic


3.5. Intellectual and Learning Disabilities

3.6. Learning Styles

3.7. At Risk

3.8. Gifted & Talented

3.9. Physical

4. Standards Include Technology

4.1. Students will learn to use analysis skills to find the most important information to share.

4.2. Storytelling and literacy advance for both individual expressions and collaborative learning.

4.3. Provide an online venue where self-expression and creativity is encouraged

4.4. Students will learn to use visual aids to enhance their ideas