Technology Integration

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Technology Integration by Mind Map: Technology Integration

1. Global World & Workplace

2. 21st Century Skills

2.1. Creativity and innovation

2.2. Communication and Collaboration

2.3. Research and Information Literacy

2.4. Critical Thinking

2.5. Nonlinear Thinking

2.6. Visual Literacy and Visual Thinking

2.7. Spatial Thinking

2.8. Digital-Age Reflection

3. Different Needs of Learners

3.1. Multiple intelligence

3.2. Culture and language

3.3. Autism


3.5. intellectual and learning disabilities

3.6. Gifted and Talented

3.7. At Risk

4. Standards Include Technology

4.1. Demonstrate that there are many possible solutions to a design problem. Topic 2: Identify a problem and use an engineering design process to solve the problem.

4.2. Work as a team to identify possible problems to solve and their potential technological solutions. Topic 3: Demonstrate that solutions to complex problems require collaboration, interdisciplinary understanding, and systems thinking.

4.3. Identify and discuss functional aspects of everyday objects. Topic 4: Evaluate designs using functional, aesthetic and creative elements.

4.4. Describe technology as something someone made to meet a want or need. Topic 1: Define and describe technology, including its core concepts of systems, resources, requirements, processes, controls, optimization and trade-offs.