Why Integrate Technology

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Why Integrate Technology by Mind Map: Why Integrate Technology

1. Global World & Workplace

2. 21st Century Skills

2.1. Creativity and Innovation

2.2. Communication and Collaboration

2.3. Research and Information Literacy

2.4. Critical Thinking

2.5. Nonlinear Thinking

2.6. Visual Literacy and Visual Thinking

2.7. Spatial Thinking

2.8. Digital-Age Reflection

3. Different Needs of Learners

3.1. Multiple Intelligence's

3.2. Culture, Ethnicity, and Languages

3.3. Autism


3.5. Intellectual & Learning Disability

3.6. Learning Styles

3.7. At Risk

3.8. Gifted and Talented

4. Standards Include Technology

4.1. Language Arts

4.1.1. Identify main ideas and details in information found with digital learning tools and resources.

4.2. Science

4.2.1. Collect, record and organize observations and data during student explorations using digital learning tools and resources.

4.3. History

4.3.1. Investigate how technology does (or does not) impact the way(s) your family communicates.

4.4. Math

4.4.1. Observe and describe details of an object’s design.