Why Integrate Technology

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Why Integrate Technology by Mind Map: Why Integrate Technology

1. Global World & Workplace

2. 21st Century Skills

2.1. Creativity and Innovation

2.2. Communication and Collaboration

2.3. Research and Information

2.4. Critical Thinking

2.5. Nonlinear Thinking

2.6. Visual Literacy and Visual Thinking

2.7. Spatial Thinking

2.8. Digital Age Refleciton

3. Different Types of Learners

3.1. Multiple Intelligence

3.2. Culture, Ethnicity, and Languages

3.3. Autism


3.5. Intellectual and Learning Disabilities

3.6. Learning Styles

3.7. At-Risk

3.8. Gifted and Talented

4. Standards That Include Technology

4.1. Develop strategies for using digital learning tools and resources to plan, implement and reflect upon a complex task.

4.2. Debate the advantages and disadvantages of widespread use, accessibility, and reliance on technology in your world, in the workplace and in global society.

4.3. Analyze how social media impacts society, individuals and organizations.

4.4.  Discuss how the design process builds on the core concepts of technology, including the relationship between systems.