Tolu Olade

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Tolu Olade by Mind Map: Tolu Olade

1. Family Life

1.1. Born in Nigeria, lived there for 10 years until I moved to the United States

1.2. The youngest with 4 older brothers.

1.3. Recently married in February 2017. Almost 1 year down and forever to go!

2. Hobbies and Adventures

2.1. Destinations

2.1.1. Spain

2.1.2. Bahamas

2.1.3. Hawaii

2.1.4. Mexico

2.1.5. US Virgin Islands

2.1.6. St. Martin (Honeymoon)

2.2. Love traveling/Vacations

2.3. Enjoy watching movies, but a bit of an adventure junkie. Enjoy outdoor activities such as Snowboarding, Ziplining, Rollerblading, Skydiving and I love exploring new cities (Going to museums, concerts and comedy shows)

2.4. Just started taking yoga c;lases and loving how it calms me and reduces stress

3. Education

3.1. College

3.1.1. University of Nebraska-Lincoln

3.2. Med School

3.2.1. Howard University

3.3. Residency

3.3.1. University of Chicago Emergency Medicine

3.4. Fellowship

3.4.1. Baylor College of Medicine EM Administration

3.5. MBA

3.5.1. John Hopkins

4. Work Life

4.1. Recently moved to Seattle,WA in October and working as an Emergency Medicine Physician

4.2. Coolest job: Worked as a flight physician during residency- transporting ill expatriates back to the States from England, Germany, Iceland, France, Japan, and Costa Rica

4.3. Memorable Experience: Lived in Houston during Hurricane Harvey. On the way to work, had to park my car due to high water and abandon it to hitch a ride on an ATV. Was stuck in the ER and worked/slept in the hospital for 3 days until the water subsided.

4.4. Plans for the future: In the next 5 years, I plan to work towards a more administrative career as a medical director and hopefully advance into Leadership and Operational roles