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My New Mind Map by Mind Map: My New Mind Map

1. Increase in velocity

2. Same change in velocity with passage of time

3. Decrease in acceleration

4. Motion

4.1. Change it's position

4.1.1. It's sorrounding

5. Rest

5.1. Doesn't change it's position

5.1.1. It's sorrounding

6. Newton's ist law

6.1. F=0 a=0

6.2. A body at rest will Remain at rest and A body in motion Will continue it's motion in uniform velocity

6.2.1. Until an external force is applied

7. Speed

7.1. ∆d÷∆t

7.1.1. ∆d is change in distance

7.2. Uniform speed

7.3. Average speed

7.4. Instantaneous speed

8. Velocity

8.1. Uniform velocity

8.2. Non uniform

8.3. Instantaneous v

9. Acceleration

9.1. Uniform acc

9.2. Positive acc

9.3. Negative acc

10. Newton 2nd law

10.1. F=ma

10.1.1. Force applied then Acceleration produce In a body of a mass 'm'

11. Newton's 3rd law

11.1. Action=reaction

11.1.1. Opposite in direction