Medical Diagnosis

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Medical Diagnosis by Mind Map: Medical Diagnosis

1. Hypertension related to Chronic Kidney Disease

1.1. Nursing Diagnosis

1.1.1. 1.Imbalanced Nutrition Nausea & Vomitting Nauseated at least once a meal Loss of Appetite does not enjoy eating the food he/she use too Weight Loss lost 10lbs over 1 month

1.1.2. 2. Grief Explore coping strategies & support groups for CKD

1.1.3. 3. Activity Intolerance Prolonged Fatigue Sleeps more than 10hours a day Tachycardia HR >112 shortness of breath Respirations >26 on exertion

1.1.4. 4. Impaired Skin Integrity pruritus Many areas of excoriation legs & arms dry skin Flaky skin, thin, shiny, brusing edema Pitting edema +2 at the ankles

2. Priority Assessments

2.1. Blood pressure recordings

2.1.1. Assessment: Blood Pressure Values 181/90

2.1.2. Nursing Diagnosis: Headache, dizziness, edema

2.1.3. Planning: Involve pharmacist & primary physician for medication management of hypertension

2.1.4. Implementation: Implement a plan for appropriate medication administration times

2.1.5. Evaluation: Record BP levels daily

2.2. Patients level of understanding of Medication Condition

2.2.1. Assessment: Assess what the patient already knows about CKD & Hypertension

2.2.2. Plan an educational session

2.2.3. Implement a plan for management of CKD & Hypertesion

2.2.4. Evaluate if their are barriers to achieving goals of CKD & hypertension management