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JFK Homepage by Mind Map: JFK Homepage

1. Key

1.1. Landing Page

1.2. TWO-WIDE Landing Page (TWO-WIDE)

1.3. Virtual page - functions as a folder

1.4. Virtual Page

1.5. Page with content

1.6. Page with content and child items

1.7. Internal Link

1.8. Offsite Link

1.9. Deleted Item

1.10. Moved Item

1.11. Change of Imagery

1.12. Change Content

1.13. New Item

1.14. (PDF)

1.15. Change to right rail callouts

1.16. Change Name

2. Utility Nav

2.1. Accessibility

2.2. Press

2.3. Museum Store

2.4. Search Results


3.1. Forums

3.1.1. Individual Forum

3.1.2. Forum Registration

3.1.3. Recent Forum Video

3.2. Celebrate

3.2.1. Individual Celebrate Program

3.2.2. Celebrate Registration Form

3.3. Profile in Courage Award

3.3.1. About the Award

3.3.2. Award Recipients Individual Recipient Background Award Announcement Acceptance Speaeh Remarks by Senator Edward M Kennedy

3.3.3. Pica Video

3.3.4. Committee

3.3.5. Criteria and Eligibility

3.3.6. How to submit a Nomination

3.3.7. Online Nomination Form

3.3.8. About the Book

3.3.9. About the Lantern

3.4. New Frontier Award

3.4.1. Recipients Individual Recipient Background Award Announcement Dan Fenn Awardees Background

3.4.2. Criteria and Eligibility

3.4.3. How to Submit a Nomination

3.4.4. Online Nomination Form

3.4.5. New Frontier Award Committee

3.5. Audiocast

3.6. Copy of Webcast

3.7. Copy of Webcast with event details

3.8. dncwebcast

3.9. webcast

3.10. webcast NFA 2012

3.11. Webcast_2013

3.12. Webcast_PICA2013

3.13. webcastpage old

3.14. The Presidency and Civil Rights


4.1. About the JFK Library

4.1.1. Mission

4.1.2. Library Administration and Staff

4.1.3. History

4.1.4. 1964 Corporation Trustees

4.1.5. 1979 Dedication Remarks by President Carter

4.1.6. 1979 Dedication Remarks by Senator Kennedy

4.1.7. 1985 Tribute by President Reagan

4.1.8. Dave Powers First Museum Curator

4.1.9. IM Pei Architect

4.1.10. Role of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

4.1.11. Role of Stephen E Smith

4.1.12. Fast Facts Poem Read at Dedication Dedication Remarks Orientation Film Text Yale University Commencement Address Rededication of Library 1993

4.1.13. Related Links

4.2. News and Press

4.2.1. Sign up for JFK eNews

4.2.2. Presidential Recordings Released 2012

4.2.3. Press Policy Licensing CBS News Footage Licensing Photographs in the Kennedy Family Collection

4.2.4. Press Releases $1 Million Gift to JFK Profile in Courage Award Announced Richard K Donahue Sr Honored by Nike Chair 2001 Hemingway Foundation PEN Award and the LL Winship PEN New England Award Recipients Announced

4.2.5. Press Kits Press Kit November 22 1963 Oral Histories for Press Kit Photos for November 22 Press Kit Gallery Videos for Press Kit Documents for Press Kit

4.2.6. Advertising Martin Agency WBUR WCVB NECN

4.3. Job Volunteer Internships

4.3.1. Vacancies Archives Processing Internships College Student Jobs Deputy Director Spring Cataloguing Internship Textual Processing Internship

4.3.2. Internship Types

4.3.3. Docents

4.3.4. Research Grants and Fellowships Marjorie Kovler Arthur Schlesinger Theodore Sorensen Ernest Hemingway Research Grants Kennedy Research Grants DO NOT USE

4.3.5. Visitor Service Volunteers

4.4. Social Media

4.4.1. App Store

4.4.2. Facebook

4.4.3. Twitter JFK Library

4.4.4. Twitter JFK Said

4.4.5. Instagram

4.4.6. Goodreads

4.4.7. History Pin

4.4.8. Tumblr

4.4.9. Storify

4.4.10. YouTube

4.4.11. Pinterest

4.4.12. Podcasts

4.5. Contact Us

4.6. Privacy Terms Accessibility

4.7. Accessibility

5. Archives

5.1. About Archived Collections

5.1.1. Digitized Collections

5.1.2. Documents

5.1.3. Photographs

5.1.4. Audio

5.1.5. Film and Video

5.1.6. Oral Histories

5.1.7. Collection Policy and Donating Materials

5.2. Search Collections

5.2.1. Basics of ARchival Research

5.2.2. Online Search Help Advanced Search Properties

5.2.3. Browse Finding Aids

5.2.4. Browse Digitized Collections

5.2.5. Browse Oral Histories

5.2.6. Browse Subject Headings

5.3. Ernest Hemingway Collection

5.3.1. Personal Papers

5.3.2. Audiovisual Materials

5.3.3. Related Collections and Other Resources

5.3.4. Highlights

5.3.5. Permission to Publish

5.3.6. Hemingway Events

5.3.7. Hemingway News PEN/Hemingway Award Hemingway Newslettes and News Releases Current and past Hemingway News

5.3.8. History of the Collection

5.3.9. Hemingway Media Galleries Early Years Paris Years Wars Key West Years Idaho Africa Europe Cuba Years Spain Ernest Hemingway and His Sons Hemingway and Art Ernest Hemingway and his Cats

5.4. Plan A Research Visit

5.5. Research Support Services

5.5.1. Ask an Archivist Form

5.5.2. Curated Research Sources

5.5.3. Citation Guide

5.5.4. Copyright

5.5.5. Declassification & Review

5.5.6. Fellowships & Grants

5.5.7. Interlibrary Loan for Oral Histories

5.5.8. Reproductions

5.6. Other Resources

5.6.1. Research Guides by Subject (external)

5.6.2. Goodreads (external)

5.6.3. Historypin (external)

5.6.4. John F. Kennedy: Speeches Speeches

5.6.5. John F. Kennedy: Press Conferences 64 subpages

5.6.6. John F. Kennedy: National Security Action Memoranda

5.6.7. John F. Kennedy: Executive Orders (external)

5.6.8. United States Congress: Legislative Record Summary Summaries by topic

5.6.9. JFK Assassination Records Collection (external)

5.6.10. NARA Catalog (external)

5.6.11. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Files: The Vault (external)

5.6.12. University of California: Public Papers of the Presidents (external)

5.7. Research Fellowships & Grants

5.7.1. Kovler Fellowship

5.7.2. Schlesinger Fellowship

5.7.3. Schwartz Fellowship

5.7.4. Sorensen Fellowship

5.7.5. Hemingway Grants

5.8. *Archivally Speakin* Blog (External)



6.1.1. Life of John F. Kennedy John F. Kennedy Quotations

6.1.2. Life of Jacqueline B. Kennedy JKO Fast Facts Wedding details

6.1.3. JFK in History Alliance for Progress Arts and Culture in the Kennedy White House The Bay of Pigs Campaign of 1960 Civil Rights Movement The Cold War The Cold War in Berlin 25 more subpages......

6.1.4. Historic Speeches Multilingual Address to the Greater Houston Ministerial Association Address to the Greater Houston Ministerial Association in Arabic Address to the Greater Houston Ministerial Association in Chinese Address to the Greater Houston Ministerial Association in French 9 More pages........ Multilingual Address to the Nation on Civil Rights Multilingual Address to the Nation on Civil Rights in Arabic Multilingual Address to the Nation on Civil Rights in Chinese Multilingual Address to the Nation on Civil Rights in French 9 more pages....... Multilingual American University Commencement Address Multilingual American University Commencement Address in Spanish Latin American Multilingual American University Commencement Address in Arabic Multilingual American University Commencement Address in Chinese 9 More Pages........... Multilingual Inaugural Address Multilingual Inaugural Address in Arabic Multilingual Inaugural Address in Bengali Multilingual Inaugural Address in Brazilian Portuguese 10 More pages............. Multilingual Remarks at Amherst College Multilingual Remarks at Amherst College in Korean Multilingual Remarks at Amherst College in Arabic Multilingual Remarks at Amherst College in Chinese 9 More Pages........... Multilingual Rice University Speech Multilingual Rice University Speech in Arabic Multilingual Rice University Speech in Chinese Multilingual Rice University Speech in French 9 More Pages

6.1.5. Media Gallery President Kennedy The First Family World War II 30 More......

6.1.6. The Kennedy Family Joseph P Kennedy JPK Fast Facts Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Joseph P Kennedy Jr Rosemary Kennedy 4 More....... Robert F Kennedy RFK Fast Facts 5 More..........

6.1.7. JFK Legacy American Ireland Fund American Ireland Fund Green Berets Institute of Politics JFK50 Voices JFK 50 Race JFK and Disability JFK and Disability Kennedy Center for the Arts Kennedy Scholars Apollo_11_Moon_Landing NAVY Seals Peace Corps Situation Room USS JFK JFK50VoicesGallery Civil Rights Domestic Affairs Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Public Service Science and Innovation The Arts The Environment

6.1.8. JFK and Japan JFK Japan Resources PM Visit Japanese JFK and Japan Gallery 8 more pages............

6.1.9. Interactives Civil Rights JFK Challenge App We Choose the Moon JFK Timeline White House Diary The Presidents Desk World on The Brink - JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis To The Brink App Clouds over Cuba Integrating Ole Miss JFK50


6.2.1. Teachers School Visits Curricular Resources Elementary School Curricular Resources Middle School Curricular Resources High School Curricular Resources Professional Development Hemingway Workshop New Frontiers Conference American Studies Summer Institute Sources of Inspiration To Light the World We'll Never Turn Back Voices of the Civil Rights Movement Facing Armageddon Crossing Borders Through Literature Poetry and Personal Stories Close to Home: Autobiographies, Memoirs and Family Stories for Young Readers & Writers Resources from Crossing Borders Through Literature, Poetry and Personal Stories Civic Education Programs and Materials List Federal Budget Simulation Program Mock Election Resources for Presidential Campaigns and Elections Making a Difference Award List Interactives New Frontiers Newsletter PDF's (22) Sign up for Education eNews 1963: The Struggle for Civil Rights

6.2.2. School Visits

6.2.3. Students Interactives Leaders in the Struggle for Civil Rights Roy Wilkins Whitney M. Young Jr. A. Phillip Randolph Bayard Rustin Martin Luther King Jr. James Farmer John Lewis Picture Book Biographies of John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline B. Kennedy Americans in Space Presidential Press Office Historical Literature 1963: The Struggle for Civil Rights

6.2.4. Profile in Courage Essay Contest Getting Started Contest Topic and Information Contest Policies Contact Essay Contest Coordinator Eligibility and Requirements Criteria for Judging Recognition and Awards Past Winning Essays (TWO-WIDE) 2017 Winning Essay by... 2016 Winning Essay by... 2015 Winning Essay by... 2014 Winning Essay by... 2013 Winning Essay by... 2012 Winning Essay by... 2011 Winning Essay by... 2010 Winning Essay by... 2009 Winning Essay by... 2008 Winning Essay by... 2007 Winning Essay by... 2006 Winning Essay by... 2005 Winning Essay by... 2004 Winning Essay by... 2003 Winning Essay by... 2002 Winning Essay by... 2001 Winning Essay by... 2000 Winning Essay by... Prepare Your Essay Elements of a Strong Essay Helpful Tips for Writing Your Essay Guidelines for Citations and Bibliographies Citing Sources Within the Text of Your Paper Constructing a Bibliography or List of Works Cited Tips for Avoiding Plagiarism Registration and Submission Submit your essay online Form Contest Closed Teacher Information and Curriculum Ideas Lesson 1: Defining Political Courage Lesson 2: Examining Past "Profiles in Courage" Lesson 3: Identifying Issues Requiring Political Courage Lesson 4: Investigating Contemporary "Profiles in Courage Appendix 1: Common Core State Standards and National Standards for Social Studies and Language Arts Appendix 2: Excerpts from Chapter One of Profiles in Courage Teacher Mailing List form Teacher Feedback form Curriculum Ideas Curriculum Ideas for the Classroom FAQ John Hancock Financial Scholarship

6.2.5. Adults Walk-in Program: Highlights Tour Walk-in Programs: Hands-on Carts Kennedy Library Forums Interactives

6.2.6. Families Walk-in Program: Highlights Tour Walk-in Programs: Hands-on Carts Celebrate! Presidents' Day Family Festival Picture Book Biographies of John and Jacqueline Kennedy Campaign Game Board Activity Walk in Museum Programs Travel the Road to the White House with JFK

7. 1993 Dedication Remarks by President Clinton


8.1. Plan Your Trip

8.1.1. Non English Brochures

8.1.2. Special Offers

8.1.3. Hotel Packages

8.1.4. JFK Cafe

8.1.5. Faq

8.1.6. Public Library Museum Pass Program Public Library Museum Pass Form

8.2. Admission and Museum Information

8.3. Group Visits

8.3.1. Group Reservation Form

8.4. Walk In Visitor Program

8.4.1. Highlights Tour

8.4.2. Stranded at Sea: The PT109 Story

8.4.3. The Race for Space

8.4.4. Museum Programs Calendar

8.5. Host an Event

8.5.1. Spaces and Fees

8.5.2. Weddings

8.5.3. Rehearsal Dinners and Private Events

8.5.4. Audio Visual Services

8.5.5. Event Photo Gallery Museum Pavillion Smith Hall

8.5.6. Policies and Procdures

8.5.7. Catering

8.6. Museum Store

8.7. Mobile Visit Page

9. JFK Library Archives Blog: An Inside Look (external)