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My day by Mind Map: My day

1. in the morning

1.1. get up

1.1.1. at seven o'clock

1.2. have breakfast

1.3. go to school

1.3.1. I usually walk to school

2. in the afternoon

2.1. do my homework

2.2. go to my English classes

2.2.1. On Mondays and Wednesdays

2.3. go to my swimming/karate/dancing/basketball/football practice

3. in the evening

3.1. have dinner with my family

3.1.1. at quarter past seven

3.2. watch TV

3.3. play on my tablet/computer/iphone

3.4. listen to music

3.5. read a book

3.6. go to bed

3.6.1. at ten o'clock