Inspector Project

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Inspector Project by Mind Map: Inspector Project

1. Learner Analysis/Prior Knowledge

1.1. New User

1.1.1. Ideally a journeyman linemen

1.1.2. Other positions include: Electrical Trades Helper; Scheduler/Planner; Underground Facility Locator; Engineering Technician

2. Instructional Goal:

2.1. Design a training program that quickly transforms new employees into effective SRP Inspectors for the field. Need to correctly complete all job tasks and understand business processes.

3. Instructional Analysis:

3.1. Tasks

3.1.1. Organize Inspections for the Day How to plan timed and un-timed inspections

3.1.2. Service Requests Locate information on SR

3.1.3. Read Prints identifying materials that should be used locating existing and new electrical componets approved shop drawings municipality prints are different

3.1.4. Apply ESS Standards on the job

3.1.5. Inspections Pre-Construction Meeting Participants Prepare for meeting Review design Discuss standards Trench and Conduit Inspection SES Inspection Residential Home Commercial Inside Meter Room Commercial Outside Meter Room Meter Room Inspection Identifying Common Fails

3.1.6. Complete Inspection Reports Complete report on Toughbook Notify Customer of Pass/Fail Highlight and sign what has been inspected (capital jobs)

3.1.7. Communicate with Customers need to have the personality to want to help people

3.1.8. Use Tough Books send reports reference online ESS printed needed items for customer WAM find meter request identify who has been on job locate notes to see how much trench was inspected examine revised prints Cyclo Maps Online (Derek Uses this)

3.1.9. Foundational Knowledge Job Processes Design, Construction, and Inspection Process E&CS Workflow Job Descriptions & Responsibilities Inspector Construction Consultants (CC) Schedulers Designers Terminology (In Progress) ufer ground wire Need to know electrical lingo Construction Phases Preconstruction Meeting 0%-10% Trench Conduit 30% - 60% SES Inspection 100% Staking and Easements be able to read stakes property corners survey flag City/County Clearance Coordinate System Capital vs Non Capital Jobs Safety Protocols Rubber Glove Training e.g. what to do if you get in an accident Soil Training Safe Driving Class