ADDIE (Iterative & Flexible ) Instructional Design Model

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ADDIE (Iterative & Flexible ) Instructional Design Model by Mind Map: ADDIE (Iterative & Flexible ) Instructional Design Model

1. 2. DESIGN PHASE_ Process of how learning is to occur.

1.1. Related Task: Write Objectives, Develop Assessments;Plan Instructions; Identify Resources

1.2. Outputs: Course Objectives; Instructional Strategy; Prototype Specifications

2. 1. ANALYSIS PHASE _ Process of defining what is to be learned

2.1. Related Task: Needs Assessment; Problem Identification; Task Analysis

2.2. Output: User Profile; Identification of Constraints; Problem Statement;Task Analysis

3. 5. EVALUATE PHASE_ Process of determining the adequacy of Instruction:

3.1. Related Task: Record time Data;Interpret results; Conduct Surveys;Revise Activities

3.2. Output: Recommendations; logistic Reports; Revise Prototype

4. 4. IMPLEMENT PHASE_ Process of installing and using a design in the context of the real world

4.1. Related Task: Initiate Training; Delivery of Instruction ;

4.2. Output: System Data; Feedback

5. 3. DEVELOPMENT PHASE_ Process of authoring and producing course content and materials

5.1. Related Task: Work with Producers; Develop blueprints flow charts;

5.1.1. Output: Storyboard;Exercises;Course Content