David McCollum's Journey

Introduction Mind Map

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David McCollum's Journey by Mind Map: David McCollum's Journey

1. Business Goals

1.1. Obtain advanced degree in healthcare managment

1.2. Effectively lead my unit based leadership team at work

1.3. Excel as Quality Officer for my department

2. Family Goals

2.1. Spend more time with family

2.2. Create lasting memories

2.3. Contribute to the happiness of my children and wife

3. Health Goals

3.1. Lose 20 pounds

3.2. Attend routine health screenings

3.3. Create nutrition and exercise habits to promote longevity

4. Skills

4.1. Improve leadership skills

4.2. Obtain necessary CME

4.3. Always strive to learn more

5. Hobbies

5.1. Running

5.2. Weightlifting

5.3. Coin Collecting

6. Friends

6.1. Plan reunion with long term freinds

6.2. Attend more social events to foster new friendships

6.3. Continue to network to increase my circle of friends