Social Media Innovation

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Social Media Innovation by Mind Map: Social Media Innovation

1. Example

1.1. twitter

1.1.1. origin Jack Dorsey Noah Glass Biz Stone Evan Williams March 21, 2006

1.1.2. Donald J. Trump's twitter

1.1.3. Statistic Monthly Active users:330,000,000

1.2. snapchat

1.3. instagram

1.3.1. Adidas's instagram

1.3.2. Statistic Monthly Active Users:800,000,000

1.4. facebook

1.4.1. Origin Mark Zuckerberg February 4, 2004

1.4.2. Background biggest web sites in the world visited by 400 million people a month

1.4.3. Statistics Internet users within the United States spend more time on Facebook than any other website. Monthly Active Users:2,070,000,000

1.5. youtube

1.5.1. origin Steve Chen Chad Hurley Jawed Karim February 14, 2005

1.5.2. Background Video technology upload, live streaming, 3D & 360 video

1.5.3. Statistics Monthly Active Users:1,500,000,000

2. Influences

2.1. Psychological health

2.1.1. "Our happiness is connected with the happiness of people three degrees removed from us; whether we’re happy or not depends in part on our friends’ friends’ friends."

2.1.2. Flow of emotions: both positive or negative cyber bullying

2.2. Politics

2.2.1. 62% gain information through social media

2.3. Society

2.3.1. Increased visibility of issue shifted the balance of power from the hands of a few to the masses.

2.3.2. Participation Less action in reality due to the substitution of participation through internet

3. Functions

3.1. connecting people with each other

3.1.1. non face-to-face communication

3.1.2. chatbox

3.2. reporting the news (immediate update)

3.3. promoting products

3.4. building a brand image

3.5. organize activities

3.5.1. eg. facebook upcoming event

3.6. Live content

3.7. Augmented reality (AR)

3.8. E-learning

4. Useful links

4.1. facebook history

4.2. top 5 social media trend

4.3. top 15 social networking

4.4. ways social media is changing the world

4.5. The Importance of Social Media in China

5. Present trend

5.1. Increasing of messaging

5.2. Fight against fake news

6. Reasons of using

6.1. Support issues that they have strong opinion in

6.2. Share valuable information

6.3. Building self-image

6.4. To interact with others to get a sense of fulfillment

6.5. To participate and get involved in things happening in the world